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An adman with a stiff upper lip. A rising New York artist. A desperate housewife. All are victims of a cruel puppet master—and one of them is a killer.

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Introduction by Dean Koontz The head of a global cosmetics empire, Wilma Ferris became a self-made success by taking everything people had to give—and more. Mixing business with pleasure is her standard operating procedure. After a late-night skinny-dipping session turns into a frantic search for the missing host, it becomes apparent that one of the guests had seen enough. Was it a crime of passion or premeditated murder? Each of them has a motive—or two.

In the end, all will be condemned. Praise for John D.

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MacDonald created a staggering quantity of wonderful books, each rich with characterization, suspense, and an almost intoxicating sense of place. MacDonald is a shining example for all of us in the field.

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Reeducational measures apply to antisocial individuals. The term of these measures is one year minimum and four maximum. The legitimacy for the application of the previous precepts is determined arbitrarily according to the criteria of the judges and without ordinary criminal proceedings with the right to defense, summarily, according to the provisions of the Law of Criminal Procedure of Cuba, in its Article and in its article , where it expressly indicates the summary process:.

It is the responsibility of the Popular Municipal Courts to know the Pre-criminal Danger Indices and the imposition of security measures established in each case by the substantive Criminal Law.

All These Condemned

Organizations such as UNPACU and Damas de Blanco are reporting that their activists are systematically detained under threat and urged to the need of leaving the island for life expatriation. Everything described are facts that international and European diplomacy assume as truthful and in many cases absolutely true and proven.

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They are the description of facts constituting crimes against humanity, in addition to being shameful and ignominious state actions. Likewise, the democratic diplomatic world knows perfectly, and they assume, the irrefutable evidence that the Cuban government has been the architect of the repression and violation of human rights in Venezuela and Nicaragua. The Cuban government not only runs over the dissents, but the diplomats present on the island know perfectly well that ordinary citizens suffer every day violations of all kinds of their rights in a systemic way, also including indiscriminate police abuse.

And it is already known that this happens with all professionals in Cuba who go to work abroad, because the slavery of their professionals represents 8 billion dollars of turnover for Cuba compared to 3 billion dollars of tourism, as can be seen in the official data, even from Cuba. With one difference, Cuba has been a longer-lived absolutist monarchy than those mentioned.

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The most serious thing is not the fact of doing business or not, because there can always be arguments for or against, but that these interests silence and bind diplomats in their actions in favor of human rights, and that such business is done without marking demands on the form and manner in which they affect the rights of citizens.

The economic interests, thus created, call on diplomats to be forced to develop a job full of prebends, fears, and clippers, which do not allow them to clearly demand that crimes against humanity are not committed in Cuba. Prisoners Defenders, being a European NGO, is truly ashamed of where human rights lie in the face of economic interests in Cuba for institutions and companies in the European Union.

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In Parliament, however, we find initiatives for human rights that are mentionable, but are not institutionalized at the Commission level. It is urgent that the European Union study the subject in depth, an internal commission deeps into the state of Human Rights in Cuba, and the Commission decides, with the result of the analysis, in a strong and clear way. We have no record of a single public conviction made by the current Government of Spain for the violations described, proven by Amnesty International and many other institutions, and it is time for Spain, with a leftist government for a year, to defend the labor rights of Cuban citizens who are trampled by a dictatorship of a fascist and monarchist type and demand their companies a minimum work ethic performance.

Olman's Fifty: All These Condemned by John D. MacDonald

Spanish companies present on the island should have the requirement of the Spanish government to operate with minimum requirements that respect working rights and a minimum human decency. As for the United States and other governments of the American continent, it is worth noting that they have evolved from the diagnosis of a repressive and atrocious Cuba, but without danger to world stability and peace, to a diagnosis that places Cuba as the main cause and instigator of the most horrific violations of human rights in the Americas in Venezuela and Nicaragua, among others , and the key actor in the destabilization of democracies in Latin America with serious interference among many others such as Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia , Ecuador, Aruba, Curacao … and throughout the continent.

We appreciate this change on the diagnosis highly accurate and encourage the democratic governments of Latin America, the United States and the Organization of American States not to cease the work of denounce and diplomatically corner a regime that is a danger to world peace, until such a regime stops promoting human rights violations and the democratic destabilization of entire countries, endangering world peace. Regarding the duration of the sentences in force as of September 1, , we see how the average of sentences in the Convicts of Conscience is located in the 3 years and 8 months , as in the previous month, being the standard deviation of the series of sentences of 1 year and 9 months.

The slightest pro-democratic activism in Cuba is being paid , therefore on average and usually, with sentences of 3 years and 8 months imprisonment :.

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As for political prisoners who cannot be considered conscientious third section of the list of Prisoners Defenders solely for having attended other circumstances in their acts the purely political condemnation caused timely overlapped with another accusation of common type, usually of low criminal entity , 30 cases, the sentences are distributed in a more radical way, the most usual being life imprisonment :.

Knowledgeable of the application of these terrible sentences, that is why the opposition in Cuba is only peaceful and verbal. There is no possibility of obtaining sentences under 20 years when the activist makes the mistake of performing any act contrary to the criminal code on a crime considered common, and that is why the opposition is almost completely framed in a peaceful and conscientious action. Even so, along with Amnesty International, Prisoners Defenders has shown that the Cuban government imputes common crimes that are proven to be false to peaceful human rights activists.

Therefore, PD is making human rights organizations validate as cases of conscience penalties in which the regime falsely attributes violent attitudes to prominent members of peaceful opposition organizations, since the causes, once analyzed, are unlikely and legally unsustainable. Cuban Prisoners Defenders is an independent group of analysis, study and action, with the collaboration of all dissident groups on the island and the families of political prisoners to gather information and promote the freedom of all political prisoners, as well as to maintain the updated weekly lists of Convicted of Conscience , Condemned of Conscience ,, Political Prisoners and Long-lasting political prisoners imprisoned.

Cuban Prisoners Defenders is part of the Prisoners Defenders International Network, a legally registered association based in Madrid, Spain, and whose Internet address is www.

https://ufn-web.com/wp-includes/85/ecoute-telephonique-valbuena-benzema.php The organization also has different patrons from all ideologies, among others several deputies of the National Congress of Spain of different parties, as well as D. Our official Twitter, in addition, is CubanDefenders.